For all the lips I have ever kissed.
Thank you.


Beauty in the eye of the one that beholds her . Tears on the face of I, who love her, No clouds have I seen that hold a silver lining . But the poet and the dreamer scream at them crying… “I have felt the breath of the Devil and the light of a God.…


Like a valley of flesh, she lay naked on my bed. I stood smoking by the window. She stirred in her sleep and her lips slightly parted, I wondered of what she was dreaming. I gazed at her form, her beauty and scars, As the smoke swirled on my tongue. Only an hour before it…


Step across the threshold Caress the looking glass, Herein lies the secret Therein lies your past. A dream, a crystal tear Both shed for sacrifice, The vagabond and piper Have always known the price. So lay your soul before me Let me touch the scars, Trace the pain of virtue Across the waking hours. Steal…


The ripples in the water, Carry my reflection Past time and memory Through the tear in our dimension. Floating in a prism Of never-ending light, Infinite realities Ever searching sight.


I could sing to you of your eyes Your hair of curls and cupids lies Seduce you with a scoundrel’s tongue Life’s too short, you better run Stumble as you trip from truth I’ve seen him before, that traitor youth A lying lover with a heart of fire Plucking reason from desire Clap your hands…


If you decide to leave me, no longer taste my breath. As you begin that journey, keep the sun on your left. Whatever road you travel, the way your heart directs. I ask that you only listen; and keep the sun on your left. As clouds roll forever onward, across plains you transgress. Keep this…


A teardrop I catch on the end of a wish Gaze at a world that turns within Light breaking through this crystal prism Birthing atonement for simple sin A memory dances with a distant shadow That carried me through a different time A smile so fetching in a fleeting romance Life once held so close…


Thus, seduction fades to black, Our journeys at its end. Time slithered past my boots, As I walked with Gods and friends. I have kissed each subtle word, That passed across my lips. The lights are dropping on our stage, As you leave my fingertips. I watch our world turn again, To the next embrace.…


Let me count the numbers, As I contemplate the silence. Let me flow through a brighter realm, Above the ticking violence. Time passes on the coldest stare Exploited by harrowed lips. Emotions toiled and withered, Expressed through fingertips. No more calling of the morning birds, Just the heart of dying. That evaporates my slightest kiss,…


The glasses clink, The laughter roars, Two eyes meet, A passion soars, Two souls click, Two hearts beat, Then to each other A beauty is born. August 6 2001


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