Beauty in the eye of the one that beholds her
Tears on the face of I, who love her,
No clouds have I seen that hold a silver lining
But the poet and the dreamer scream at them crying…

“I have felt the breath of the Devil and the light of a God.
I have seen the fate of man in the eye of a child in the street in rags who knows no God!”

Ease the torment in my soul I gave my youth for one true goal,
I’ll give my life for the price of love, among all people I’ve had enough…


My nightmares on the black-winged horse
Chased by a thousand screaming demons,
And the child in rags lying in the street 
Crushed by fate her heart slowly bleeding.

I can scream from a mountain of my sorrow
  To bring God down to save tomorrow. 
But the wind will carry away my prayers, 
To throw it back, distorted, so no one hears…


My dying child lying in the street,
Trammeled by the death that innocence brings,
While the demons capture my black winged horse,
And I lose my only friend; the only thing, I loved. 


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