Thus, seduction fades to black, 
Our journeys at its end.
Time slithered past my boots,
As I walked with Gods and friends.

I have kissed each subtle word,
That passed across my lips.
The lights are dropping on our stage,
As you leave my fingertips.

I watch our world turn again,
To the next embrace.
 A new beginning to unfold.
Another smile, a different face.

Parting hearts of forged souls,
Joined to me in romance.
The simple love of a moment,
Locked in passion’s dance.

The clock has raised his arm,
To tell me it is over.
Time trips on without a care,
For no man, may own Her.

So, to you all a kiss for pride,
For what you’ve let me see.
To you all a bow for grace,
For what you’ve done for me.

I keep a lock of your lives,
Close now to my heart.
Your breath I keep within my soul,
If I need revive my art.

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