“Adventures with the Toddler” Series

Adventures with the Toddler – Chapter Thirty

There is a moment at the start of each week that fills me with apprehension. It’s called Monday. Monday for me is starting the working week. Monday for the toddler is excitement city as it gets to go to playgroup for hours. Monday is when the toddler and its mates get to experiment and make […]

Adventures with the Toddler – Chapter Twenty-Nine: Questions

Sometimes you have to ask yourself questions. Like, “does this count as a calorie? How’d this prick get my number? Do I really want more wine? Why do they want to pay me fuck all for this job? Why do my balls and back always hurt at the same time? Why am I always so […]

“Travelling with the Toddler” Series

Traveling With Our Toddler – PART SIX (The final part)

Yes, alas, it is the final installment in the Traveling with our toddler blog. London was a great trip and all too short. It all began after changing out a nappy at Kings Cross train station. Changing nappies in public bathrooms is always a fun experience, especially if it’s a particularly potent one. The stares […]

Traveling With Our Toddler – PART FIVE

Well. It has been eventful. We caught the train from Bordeaux to Paris. Bordeaux I really liked. The transport system is fantastic and if one was to miss a tram, one could skate to their destination on the dog shit lining the streets. Our hotel was good. I mean it was 3 stars by whoever […]

Traveling With Our Toddler – PART THREE

We left Saint Cyprien today and caught the train to Bordeaux. Any wine lover must make the pilgrimage and this is one I embraced with an open heart. I am humbled to ensure all is up to standard for you wine drinkers. Someone has to do it and it’s a sacrifice I accept. We left […]

Traveling With Our Toddler – PART TWO

Just to give fair warning, I’m really bad at keeping a diary or updating anything. We caught the train South to Bordeaux a few days ago. What a bloody city!! I think we will have to go back. The morning before we left Paris, we spent looking for Bae, without any luck. I couldn’t leave […]

Traveling With Our Toddler – PART ONE

Traveling with the toddler I knew it would be a bit of a challenge and I wasn’t wrong. But it’s also been hysterical.3 days in Paris and the toddler already knows more French than me.She is great at making friends with waiters and barkeeps which is very helpful. So many people kiss her that I’m […]

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