I am art wrapped in anger
Fury joined with sin
I turn my cheek and avert my eyes
Now I’m going within.

A pen I wield to ambition
Deleting my empty heart
Now nothing matters
In a soul ripped apart.

Inwards I tread for answers
Though finding only shame
The guilt I’ve had thrust upon me
Makes me hate my own name.

 I curl my shoulders upwards 
A barrier of flesh I make
To shield me from the terror
My own blood do make.

The blows I take without answer
All I am is now dead
I care no longer for beauty
Or biting words once said.

I turn from light into darkness
Finding comfort within
I turn myself off to external
Now I’m going within.

October 1999


  1. Golly Danny that’s a bit bleak . When did you write it? You sound very depressed. I hope you don’t feel so despairing really. You have so much in your life to be joyful about…. À beautiful kind wife and two gorgeous daughters ❤️❤️❤️


    1. Most of these are decades old.
      They were sitting on my computer having never been shown to anyone. I’ve started putting them up unedited. Some have dates, most don’t.
      No poems I’ve written for people are being posted.
      Some of them are happy, some are sad, some angry but I made the choice to post them regardless and to be honest about it.
      For me, it is interesting going through them as it’s trawling through my past.


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