Sweet charity chases depthless beauty,
The beat of butterfly wings, a storm in Paradise.
Ambience wrapped in a seductive moment,
An expression of friendship given with a kiss.

The life of joy, spills down a cheek I touch,
I bow my head and turn from a reflection;
Of a life that mirrors chaos,
To deliver a longed embrace.

A tongue behind broken teeth, 
Set to speak a thousand words,
A pencil clutched between these fingers,
Tries to impart, the rapture of a girl.

I follow an ideal fired from Cupids bow,
Another table to turn for haunted soul.
A God glares from a cloud-draped mountain,
At a firebrand given to amend gifts lost.

Taken by a believer and held to the rhythm
The heart does make for eternal life;
Delivered to you, by the reflection of me
So Paradise answers before it be lost. 

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