It’s just a fractured moment 
That finds me in this place
Seduced and willing 
With her lips upon my face
A hundred times before
They all spoke the same
Light breaks through coloured glass
Searching for my name
I wish for innocence
As smoke swirls on my tongue
Liquid relief for blackened heart
Virtues I have none
My life a sniffle
Within the time of art
But that was sold to fashion
And I bought a tiny part
Acceptance of image
I projected through a haze
Of pale blue eyes and disarming smile
Those memories of rage
That song I can’t remember
When all things were bright
Cynical entertainment
On my journey to paradise
A meaning I shall long for
As my lungs expel their final gasp
I’ll try to grab that moment
As I struggle with my past
A lingering will sway
Tease me and then leave
As friends of tomorrow
I shall also fail to please
A life I lived through a dream
Someone sold to me
The one who sits on higher ground
Who planned this reel for me
Wistful I shall tumble
Through the veil of time
Searching for that wisdom
In this time I failed to find
Sweet breath I give to nature
As her womb is sucked of life
We evolved to hate her
As we raped paradise

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