I Stand Among the Beautiful

I stand among the beautiful
As I watch the wise
Moments among perfection
Hallowed night witnessed lie

I’ve had too much whiskey
Warmth it tells me so
My bed it duly summons
Yet its comfort I ignore

Tomorrow’s a place I despise
Alarm to ring or faze
As though stars would hang silent
Upon my fluttering gaze

Important to some economy
I am yet to understand
My heart it seethes in Nevermore
A rapping broken hand

The bugs that rule my abode
Mock my clichéd stare
Upon such wall I hang my art
To find them preening there

Talent it has escaped me
Average now I strive to be
Toasting all charming devils
That can only laugh at me

Words spiral and land
Within twisted bitter mind
Denied a dozen years
A dream I took to bride

Tears shall splinter pavement
When all comes to be
Doomed as now as from birth
To mediocrity


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