Come chase me immortality

Run from me cold death,

A million bleeding hearts have felt

The lies upon my breath.

This tongue has tasted words

That fell from honeyed lips.

Beauty pure as light she was,

Beneath my broken fingertips. 

Bring honour to the sight of man,

While bones of loneliness break;

Into the shards of evermore,

For this my great mistake.

I have wiped the eyes of those

Tormented by their dreams,

Their throats screamed for mercy 

I only screamed for me.

Shed one red tear for destiny

Take two steps backward to begin,

Blinded sight by dull ambition,

The dreamless always win.

Farewell then to the heart

That sang the same old songs,

Farewell then to mystery

You dreamt for far too long.

Friday, 13 November 1998

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