Adventures with the Toddler – Chapter Thirty-four: It’s a Trap! pt 2

I know some of y’all doubted the smarts of the toddler in its trap setting. I thought the trap phase was over. HOWEVER!!!! I went to take my seat tonight and discovered this clever trap before it claimed me.TODDLER TRAP1

Please note the blue cord. The blue cord is attached to the door handle and the bouncy green cow (with the mad eyes) below. Now. If I were to move the bouncy green cow from the doorway, as I am prone to, then I will meet resistance from the cord and might spill my wine or. (Or, most likely, nothing would happen at all.) But this was another trap and I shall ask the toddler when it wakes, what the design of this trap was intended to do.

The toddler set this one late while it distracted us from going to bed. Neither of us saw this set-up, so it is obviously working on its ninja skills.

I’m lucky I discovered it before I moved the green bouncy cow. My wine glass may have wobbled.

Toddlers. Ya can’t trust ‘em.

NOTE: The Toddler is soon to be a pre-schoolar. What!!!??? I know right. I’ll have to change the name of the blog. But fear not. We made another child-thing and that one is now toddling about, so we’re good. For now. Hopefully it’s as fun as the first one in the shenanigans.

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